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ge of Conan: Hyborian Adventures boasts a combat system that gives the game a very unique feel. Players feel very much connected to their character in combat, as well as throughout the game. This combined with a strong storyline, complete character customization, and breathtaking graphics make Age of Conan a wonderfully entertaining and addictive title. Players are allowed to choose from three races: Aquilonian, Cimmerian, or Stygian. Each race offers three of the four class archetypes: (Each class archetype contains multiple playable classes)

Rogue: The rogue archetype is collection of high damage, low defense classes. Adept at sneaking around and dealing large amounts of damage, rogues are fragile and rely on avoiding be hit as much as possible.
(Playable classes: Assassin, Ranger, Barbarian)

Soldier: Soldiers are the up close and personal melee category of Age of Conan characters. They are capable of being proficient in both offensive and defensive situations, allowing soldiers to be the tanks of the Age of Conan.
(Playable classes: Guardian, Dark Templar, Conqueror)

Mage: The offensive casters of the game. Mages in Age of Conan use their magical abilities to devastate enemies. Like rogues, their damage comes at the cost of their survivability.
(Playable classes: Necromancer, Herald of Xotli, Demonoglist)

Priest: Priests are the supporting casters of Age of Conan. Healing, buffing, group utility, and even some offensive abilities appear in the priest’s arsenal, allowing them to play a very important role in end game content.
(Playable classes: Priest of Mitra, Bear Shaman, Tempest of Set)

With Twelve playable classes, and one of the most detailed character creation processes in the MMORPG market give each player the chance to create something unique and add their own personal flavor to the game play. The Age of Conan free trial allows 7 days of gameplay, more than enough for an average gamer to complete the well designed tutorial missions and complete most, if not all, of the starting content (levels 1-20).

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