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Although Aion was originally released in 2009 as a subscription only client game, this immensely popular Korean based MMORPG has switched over to a free-to-play model allowing users from across the globe to experience the mystical world of Atreia. Similar to other titles like Champions Online, Star Trek Online, and Age of Conan free player have full access to the game. Join the Asmodians or the Elyos faction in a turf war for the sought-after zone called “The Abyss.” Tackle quests, fight creatures, raid instances, duel other players, or participate in large-scale battles involving PvP along with PvE simultaneously as a race of dragons known as the Balaur storm onto the battlefield. There are four core classes that each branch out into subclasses once a player reaches level 10.


Warriors – Specializing in close combat and are notorious for their sheer strength this class is equipped with a variety of swords, maces, and shields. Warriors can transform into front line soldiers as Gladiators or knights known as Templars.

Scouts – Despite their weak armor this class utilizes their speed and agility to get the best of their opponents. Masters of the art of hit and run this class morphs into trained Assassins with an arsenal of poisoned blades, bows, and swords or Rangers skilled in both melee and ranged combat.

Mages – This class uses the elements of water, fire, earth, or wind to destroy their enemies. Mages can transform into Sorcerers capable of damaging magical attacks or powerful Spiritmasters.

Priests – Always a valuable member of any party Priests possess the ability to heal. They can use both long range spells and melee attacks to bring foes down to their knees. Priests morph into Clerics with incredible healing and protection spells or Chanters gifted in boosting the combat skills of their allies.

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